the artist

My name is Meglena and I am the dollmaker behind North Coast dolls.

Summer holidays in my grandparents’ sheep farm made me particularly sensitive of the nature and gave me a taste of the handmade crafts. My grandfather sheared the sheeps and my grandmother spun the wool before dyeing it and knitting clothes for the family. In her spare time she made rag dolls that, years later, were the origin of my inspiration for the “Hands in pocket” collection.

In the middle of a career in the international business, the wind of love blew me to unknown lands. On this green and salty “end of earth”, rich in history and legends, I was able to reconnect with my origins close to nature. It was 2012 when my dollmaking adventure started in France.

I give life to dolls made from natural materials that are soft and warm. Stuffed with sheep’s wool they smell good and bring us back to childhood. My dolls are inspired by a technique from the beginning of last century applied in the Waldorf pedagogy. Throughout the years they have evolved and they now have various expressions, they smile, they are sad or they look mischievous. Just like real children do.

Natural fiber dolls are timeless and they are passed down from one generation to next.

Through this site I embark you in the marvelous world of the dolls. Enjoy your visit !