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Custom orders 2024

I create dolls through your stories

Creating a doll after your taste is a personalised symphony. Your imagination will guide me to catch the personality, the look and the mood of your doll. Your dreams, pictures, words will be my inspiration.

All my dolls are carefully designed by me. The big body pattern follows the curves of a school aged child, the smaller one is designed after the proportions of a pre-school child. Their body is covered with cotton jersey/tricot and filled in with good-smelling sheep’s wool. I use dry needle felting techniques for sculpting the head, the face features and the body. The construction of the head allows the doll to turn it. To be able to listen to your stories they have little ears. My dolls are free standing thanks to their body construction and to their hard sole shoes. I work with animal locks for the hair, you could choose between mohair, angora mohair, alpaca, goat weft or wool locks.

Your doll will come with one outfit. I give priority to natural fabrics such as linen, wool, cotton, leather but it happens to add some tulle for girly look.

I am pleased to offer two sizes :
17” handmade natural fiber art doll : 1400 EUR
12” handmade natural fiber art doll : 900 EUR

Shipping fees and insurance are to be paid in addition to the above price before sending. They are billed at cost.

My dolls are collectable, they need to be handled with love and care. They come from a smoke/pet-free studio.

Thank you for trusting my hands !


Meglena Jézéquel

doll artist