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Dollmaking workshop in Paris, October 2023

The place

Paris is one of my favorite places for workshops for several reasons.

  • The access is easy from everywhere, Europe or overseas
  • I reach Paris by train which is a lovely trip
  • There are a lot of things to do for participants’ relatives
  • The workshop takes place in an atypic one-of-a kind place
  • We have a fabulous hostess !

The treat

When time is on my side, I love attending exhibitions in Paris.

This time I opted for “Corps à Corps”, a photographic stories at the Pompidou Center.

I love contemplating faces. Drawn, photographed, sculpted, all kind.

This is I believe one of the reasons I create dolls, faces impress me, they tell me stories, they send me messages.

The model

I have planned to teach the creation of a 12 inches natural fiber doll with jointed head.

The participants were going to learn how to

  • roll the head
  • needle felt the face features
  • embroider the eyes
  • stuff the body with wool
  • create a wig for the hair
  • attach the body parts

My model Ciboulette was so happy to meet everyone that she put a big smile on her face showing two cute teeth.

The workshop

The workshop was international and bilingual and I had the honor to welcome participants from Mexico, Belgium and France.

The class was quite mixed in dollmaking levels. The advanced students learnt new techniques and tricks. The two complete beginners confessed at the end that they have never imagined to create a doll like that ! As I always say, the most important quality to attend one of my workshops is not a previous experience in dollmaking, but motivation, patience and being creative.

We have also enjoyed both lunches together around some delicious meals cooked by Mr. NCD and also by the Italian at the neighbourhood market.

The atmosphere

Most of the times when I create my dolls I am alone, therefore I expect every new workshop with excitement.

Creating a doll in a group is the best way to meet soulmates, to make friends, to share our passion, to live a different experience.

All that in a joyful and friendly atmosphere with a lot of laughs.

On the picture we are admiring the tiny backpack and shoes made by @tinymiracledolls for Ciboulette and the cute pixie hats knitted by @tiddledeedum for all the dolls of the workshop !

@María&Luciana ‘s husband witnessed the beginning of the class and immortalized these precious moments with pictures.

The dolls

I always give a choice about the expression the participants like the most for their doll. This way we have dolls in different moods – smiling, thoughtful, dreaming …

This time two days have not been enough to completely finish the dolls (maybe because of lot of laughs). The participants had to attach the already stuffed body parts at home. They have of course received written instructions about the finishing process.

It was another special workshop that I will remember for long time.

Give yourself a chance to create your own doll and to live a beautiful experience. Join the NCD community !