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Domitille and Georges

Domitille and Georges

– Will we be best friends forever ?

– Yes. Always. Even if you break Mrs Johns window and she blames me.

– And what about if I spot your favorite book with mud ?

– I will still love you. Even if you put a chewing gum in my hair.

Domitille was initially supposed to wear a casual blue dress and striped leggings. I had to be away for some time and after I got back to the studio, I saw her with different eyes. During my travel I felt the Spring already coming and beautiful snow drops timidly showed up from the icy earth. Then I started to dream about a long white dress to celebrate the awakening of the nature.

The dress is made from linen, it has the most beautiful low back and it is embellished with ruffles and pink belt. We opted for cream leather boots and not for fancy shoes because, let’s be honest, there are still puddles and mud here and there !

Sir Georges came to this world unplanned. I had an armature in my drawers for a long time and I have always imagined a skater. What a surprise when a shy bunny showed its long ears from my hands. He is made with wool that I needle felted around a wire/wood armature and covered with cotton velvet fabric. His ears match Domitille’s headband and I used the same lace for both of them. Georges stands 7,5 inches, he is free standing and he can bend his legs and arms. The details on his face are embroidered.

Domitille is a 17 inches art doll made out of all natural materials – wool, cotton, mohair. She has the expression and proportions of a school aged child. Her body and head are needle felted, she can turn her head to the right and to the left. Her eyes are embroidered with blue cotton floss and I opted for matt and not bright nuance.

Domitille likes to have her curly blond hair styled as a “basket”. This is how my mother calls it and how I used to have my hair as a child. I remember my mother waking me up in the morning to arrange my hair. After she left for work, I was going back to bed until kindergarten time.