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Lise, 11″ art doll


Lise is a nymph living in the woods and her friends are the forest animals. Her hair is so long that she needs to climb the highest mountain to brush it. The legend says that if you see a large spot in the forest with a lot of mushrooms, this is where a nymph has danced.



Lise is a 11″ art doll.

Her skin is tanned after many kisses of the sun. She has deep and mysterious brown eyes and her cheeks become rosy after dancing.

The head and body are made with wool and covered with cotton jersey. The body construction allows her to turn the head and her limbs are attached to the body with Teddy bear joints.

Lise wears a linen embroidered dress, cotton bloomer and leather shoes. Her warderobe has been designed and handmade by me, the shoes have been custom made by @netascandi.

Lise’s blond hair is made with camel mohair that can be washed, brushed and styled in many different ways. I used cold water and wool detergent to wash it, then I let it dry while brided to finaly obtain the most beautiful waves. If you like straight hair, wet it carefully with cold water and let it dry naturally. I would suggest to protect the face and the body with a towel.

Lise is a collectable doll, she needs to be handled with love and care. She comes from a smoke/pet-free studio.

Thank you for playing with my dolls !


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 28 cm